⚔️ State of The Raid 🔥 April

Updating you on the latest happenings of Raid Guild !

Welcome back travelers of the Metaverse 🌌

For those unaware, this publication aims to provide a glimpse into what Raid Guild — a decentralized collective of mercenaries, has been up to lately. En garde ⚔️

Raid Guild is steadily building the future of work; creating the infrastructure needed to coordinate, facilitate governance, and execute decision making at scale. Underneath the surface, the Guild is working on several initiatives, here’s a quick update on all of the juicy alpha going around the guild today.

This week starting on Monday, April 26th is DAO Rush Week, If you haven’t already check out the calendar here.

If you’re interested in joining a DAO, this is a perfect opportunity to explore the communities and projects you might be interested in joining! With that, let’s move to see what’s popping at the Guild.

🧙 Season 1 Cohort 🧙

As was mentioned in the latest State of the Raid, we are moving out of Season 0 and into Season 1. For all of those who participated in our first cohort at Raid Guild, we are thrilled to see many skilled new members joining our ranks. The commitment and perseverance you showed was unparalleled.

We’ve brought many new members on board from that first cohort, and we hope to attract even more talent in this next round. If you’re interested in joining up in arms with the Guild, this is your opportunity!

Raid Guild will be launching Season 1 for apprentices in the weeks ahead. So, if you haven’t already, fill out the Join Us form with careful thought and consideration, this is not a blood oath 🩸, but show the Guild you’re ready to take up arms with us !

If you would like to get a taste of what is in store for Season 1 check out Season 0 retrospective to see how it helped new Raiders onboard themselves in the DAO way.

Shouts out to our Clerics @tae @damagedgoods who lead the charge this season. Without our facilitators we wouldn’t have a boat to row 🚣🏻‍♂️

💸 Smart Invoice 💸

Just two weeks ago, a novel payments tool called Smart Invoice was brought into this world. Smart Invoice was developed by Raid Guild to facilitate payments between freelancers and their clients in a semi-trustless and permissionless manner.

Bankless even gave us a little shoutout in their State of the Nation pod, feel free to give it a listen here, much obliged Bankless team 🗣

Leveraging Ethereum smart contracts, Smart Invoice combines escrow, milestone payments, and arbitration to ensure that service providers and their clients get paid and receive the value they pay for respectively.

We have seen a great deal of interest from the community about Smart Invoice and the meaningful unique features that it offers to both service providers and clients alike.

We want to thank our community for your feedback and support, and we look forward to evolving the product over time with the communities input.

🗣 Expanding our Community 🗣

Community is everything. With our apprentice Cohorts, introduction of Smart Invoice as a publicly available product, and a number of other efforts, we are starting to expand the Raid Guild community beyond its membership.

In recent weeks, we’ve been thinking about how we can do this most effectively. Our goal is to create a stronger connection and more alignment with the broader web3 community while maintaining our unique culture and the sovereignty that makes Raid Guild such an attractive place to work.

One intriguing pattern that has started to emerge from these discussions is the idea of somehow tying the value that our awesome raiders create for our clients with value that we can create for the broader community. For example, is there a way for us to a) slay web3 demons both on behalf of our clients (think: raids) and on behalf of the broader community (think: web3 public goods like Smart Invoice), and b) create incentive structures for the community to get involved in the public goods effort?

We think the answer to that question is yes. Stay tuned for more developments in this area 😉

Quick Overview of Guild Stats →

  • 92 Guild Members

  • 2 Guild Improvement Proposals (Formulating)

  • 9 Guild Improvement Raids (In Progress)

  • 19 Client Raids (In Progress)

For those strapped on time, here’s a look at our recent Raids

Internal Raids (RIPs) — — ䷢In-Progress ䷢

Join Us

Raid Guild members recently completed the new facelift to our Join Us form. The new form features a series of additions that will shine light unto our prized applicants, giving us insight into the character, skills, and uniqueness that prospective raiders will bring to the table.

You can give it a look or fill out your application to Join Us here. If you see anything that could use changing or improvement, feel free to drop into our discord with a message briefly outlining what you see as an issue.

💸 Smart Escrow 💸 (For Guild Use)

Raid Guild is developing v2 escrow for clients to send funds to, and as work is completed, release funds to the Guild multisig. The new escrow will function similarly to Smart Invoice, but there are a few additional features we are looking at integrating into the the app.

We will provide you with more updates on what those integrations look like for Raid Guild and our clients in the future.

𐂷 Skill Trees 𐂷

Raid Guild is building Skill Trees so RG members can have a point of reference to a members previous work and credentials before pulling them on a project. By using NFTs, this will enable a mechanism for knowledge identification, preservation, coordination, and distribution.

This is a seismic project, so there is a need for diligence paired with intense research and verification. Contributors come from the likes of Token Engineering Commons, BlockScience, Commons Stack, Raid Guild, MetaGame, SourceCred, and Deepwork. If you’re looking to get involved, consider Joining Us!

🍠 Product Suite 🍠

Product-suite we envision will be an all encompassing collection of Raid Guild products and solutions. In addition to the tools we’ve already built, Raid Guild is looking to further develop solutions that will streamline and make more efficient the operation of DAOs in the web3 world.

We will be providing additional details about our progress in the coming State of the Raids, so watch out! 👀

🏘 ShillShop 🏘

The ShillShop is suffering from low uptake, if you’re a front end developer, designer, or you’re interested in marketing drop into our discord to begin chopping it up.

WTF is ShillShop?

Glad you asked :) — it’s your final destination for all your web3 marketing needs, such as: copywriting, strategy, social media, video, graphics, iconography, memes, or motion design? Hire one of our fellow Raiders for a project, or if you dare, steal them away with your charm 🍀.

𐃉Call to Action: Join Us and Build The Future of Work 𐃉

At Raid Guild, our steadfast commitment to shipping products for the web3 ecosystem has manifested in HUGE demand for our services outpacing our supply, so we are calling out to all interested parties to join us on our journey toward overcoming the elusive but all powerful Moloch (God of Coordination Failure) 😭

Find your way into our #tavern, and start by telling us about yourself, share something from this newsletter that you’re excited to learn more about or want to work on, or tell us what really gets you going. We can’t wait to see what you will do with the Raid Army at your side ⚔

Reflecting on Growth & Vision for Continuing Growth

We’re ecstatic at the pace Raid Guild is growing, and we’re committed to ensuring the quality of our work is improved as we scale, our Cohort training seasons are a keen example of that.

Before Season0, much of our engagement from newcomers prevailed through word of mouth, which was great because passion and talent would float in randomly, ready to embark on slaying web3 demons and making new allies along the way.

This culture of travelers, pioneers, and foragers meeting and greeting to accomplish work in the Metaverse is one that the Guild prides itself on and that we must preserve as we scale. If you have talent and more importantly passion to work in this emerging Web3 environment, we encourage you to join us. We are your allies, your mentors, and your equals on this journey 🤝🏻

Until then, we’re grateful to be working in such a vibrant ecosystem and are constantly amazed by the amount of awesome projects brought to our attention.

If you haven’t already, join the Discord and introduce yourself! We’re always keeping an eye out for hidden talent to spotlight.

Here’s a little nugget, watch out for next month’s newsletter for some zesty ALPHA!

Looking to earn some brownie points on your path to becoming a full Member and earning those 100 DAO shares? Share this newsletter on Twitter and drop a note in #shill  channel on Discord— your sacrifice will be duly noted 🌟

Until next time 🥂


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