⚔️ State of The Raid 🔥 February

Updating you on the latest Raid Guild progress

Hello fellow travelers, welcome to the month of February’s State of the Raid.  We are excited to bring this month's newsletter to you at a time when the bulls are in full swing. 

For those unaware, this monthly publication aims to give a quick glimpse into what we’ve been up to at Raid Guild - a decentralized collective of mercenaries slaying your web3 product demons.

Before we dive into how we’re shaping the future of work, it’s important to recognize that Raid Guild divides Raids into two buckets:

  • Internal  - Raid Improvements Proposals (RIPs)

  • External - Client Facing Raids

Given the proprietary nature of external Raids, we like to honor our clients ability to publicize our work as they see fit. To that end, while we may tease some external Raids, just know there is plenty more happening under the surface which we’re all extremely excited about!

⛓ xDai Migration Update ⛓ 

Raid Guild is officially on xDai sidechain, where the DAO will avoid the spiteful gwei gods in favor of a more forgiving gwei price, thanks to xdai txs being <1¢.  To review the hamstringing, check out the discussion forum on Discourse.


🏰  DAOhaus V2 🏰 

We’d also like to take a moment to announce the launch of DAOhaus V2!  With the new facelift (the late offspring of Pokemol.com and DAOhaus.club), we are presented with a series of ⛓ off the chain ⛓ features, one of which is a single app so you can navigate to your DAOs across different networks (Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, IDChain, Rinkeby, or Kovan) from one place.  There are several other features, such as: hub, theme customization, discord notifications, and more that can be read about here

Quick Overview of Guild Stats —>

  • 80 Guild Members

  • 1 Rage Quit 🤘

  • 5 Guild Improvement Proposals (Formulating)

  • 11 Guild Improvement Raids (In Progress)

  • 14 Client Raids (In Progress)

  • wETH in: 72.76 -   DAI in: 12,980

 Time Series: Unique Ethereum Transactions

For those strapped on time, here’s a look at our recent Raids

Internal Raids (RIPs) --- ䷢In-Progress ䷢

💰 Hire Us 💰

Fellow members of the guild worked tirelessly over the past couple months to get the new and improved hire us form out.  Now clients can seamlessly process their requests for Guild Hire through a slick and speedy form, where after clients submit the form, the Guild will provide a response to paid submissions within 48 hours.  

💸 Escrow 💸 (For Guild Use)

Raid Guild is developing v2 escrow for clients to send funds to, and as work is completed, release funds to the Guild multisig (gnosis safe).  

⚔️ V1 features: 

- all escrows within one contract

- payment milestones must be uniform in size

- deposits must come from designated client address

- client must deposit full payment amount up front

⚔️ V2 features: 

- Factory model each invoice is its own contract

- Payment milestones can be variable in size

- Client can deposit by milestone, i.e. doesn't have to pay full amount up front

- Clients can deposit more than total amount, e.g. for a tip or to handle an increase in


- Deposits can come from any address

- Tokens accidentally sent directly to invoice can be recovered

- Can set a custom arbitration provider

- Contract also has the capability to use arbitrable resolvers like Aragon Court and   Kleros Court, should they ever materialize on xDAI

The Guild is creating a nuanced mechanism by which clients can ensure their payment to the Guild is secure and that there is recourse in the case the Guild does not meet the expectations of the client. 

To facilitate this sort of structural benevolence, RG is working with LexDAO who will be an impartial arbiter responsible for resolving disputes between Guilders, checkout the LexDAO resolver here.

𐂷 Skill Trees 𐂷

Raid Guild is working with several communities to establish an on-chain reputation system that enables Guilders to chart their experience across DAOs through the use of NFTs.  A member can receive certification through attestation offered by other Guild members who believe the member has earned it. 

The ultimate vision for this on-chain reputation system is so members can begin to coagulate their experience from different DAOs; it is indeed a formidable but virtuous pursuit. 

🏘 ShillShop 🏘

Introducing ShillShop, your final destination for all your web3 marketing needs.  Need help with copywriting, strategy, social media, video, graphics, memes, or motion design? Hire one of our fellow Raiders for a project, or if you dare, steal them away with your charm 🍀. Landing page is in progress now!

👶 👧 👩 Product Suite 👶 👦 👨 — Raid Guild Ops Evolves

The Guild is looking to productize some of the solutions that it has developed for its own sake; to modify a quote from Ha-Joon Chang, the Guild wishes to let one hundred DAOs bloom and cross fertilize, to get there organizations require modular-ability.

Of course, many of these optimizations are a function of community members themselves being able to discern where their craft adds the most value and executing it without error. That said, Raid Guild has been constantly refining operations through:

  • Optimization of comms and coordination through the implementation of discord bots & commands (Crossover with RIPs)

  • Minion Implementation 

  • Smart Invoice

  • Roles

  • Ongoing RIPs

🧙 Cohorts 🧙 - We aim to launch Cohort 0 next week!

As part of a wider effort to sustainably scale RaidGuild and attract new talent, RG is looking to transform how we onboard new and engage existing Raiders. 

Announcing season0, RG will activate potential members in a process that familiarizes and introduces them to how the Guild coordinates and operates through collective decision making enabled by share based voting. 

By providing a baseline understanding about the Guild’s internal processes, and supplementing cohortees with guidance on and access to the necessary resources, this new breed of members will stand ready for battle ⚔️.

We see this as a fundamental piece to ensuring the Guild is able to achieve its fullest potential.  If you’re interested and want to get involved come learn more about the cohort here, or join us to get involved. 

At Raid Guild, our steadfast commitment to shipping products to the web3 ecosystem on time has manifested in demand for our services outpacing our supply, so we are calling out to devs, designers, analysts, marketers, scribes, project managers, and all those interested, to join us on our journey toward eudaemonia and overcoming the elusive but all powerful Moloch.

Reflecting on Growth & Vision for Continuing Growth

While this is an incredible signal it also means that joining Raid Guild is becoming highly competitive. If you’ve made it this far, you’re certainly on your way.

Looking to earn some brownie points to level up to a full Member and earn your 10 shares? Share this newsletter on Twitter and drop a note in #shill - your sacrifice will be duly noted!

Until then, we’re blessed to be working in such a vibrant ecosystem and are constantly amazed by the amount of awesome projects brought to our attention.

Trust me when I say that we are just getting started and that there are many big things to come!

If you haven’t already, join the Discord and introduce yourself! We’re always keeping an eye out for hidden talent to spotlight.

Here’s a little nugget, watch out for next month’s newsletter for some zesty ALPHA!

Until next time,