⚔️ State of The Raid 🔥 March

Updating you on the latest Raid Guild progress

Welcome travelers, to March’s edition of State of the Raid. A lot has transpired over recent weeks with DAOhaus raising the roof to manifest “haus of DAOs’ destiny”, and MetaGame along with sherpas of the Metaspace putting on what has been the most interstellar virtual conference known to man.

For those unaware, this monthly publication aims to give a glimpse into what we’ve been up to at Raid Guild — a decentralized collective of mercenaries ready to slay your web3 product demons, en garde ⚔️

Raid Guild is steadily building the future of work; creating the infrastructure needed to coordinate, facilitate governance, and execute decision making at scale. Underneath the surface, the Guild is working on several initiatives, here’s a quick update on all of the juicy alpha going around the guild today.

🏰 $HAUS Token Launch 🏰

On Monday March 29th, at the top of the noon hour MT, DAOhaus officially went live with it’s $HAUS token. After months of preparation and intense deliberation on the tokenomic structure, distribution mechanics, and farming opportunities, $HAUS took off trading as high as ~$70, and before we knew it $HAUS reached $1M in liquidity on Honeyswap.

In line with the $HAUS token launch was the $HAUS drop to all Moloch DAOs, where 60% of the total supply was distributed to Molochs based on the level of activity and engagement in the DAO.

DAOs that received $HAUS tokens are automatically included as members of UberhausDAO which was created to bring all DAOs together under one roof. Each DAO in UberhausDAO has the opportunity to participate in inter-dao governance by choosing a delegate to represent their DAO in the Haus of DAOs.

🧙 Season 0 Cohort 🧙

Results from the first cohort of Raid Guild, which launched at the end of February, have been incredibly positive, with apprentices quickly getting acclimated to Raid Guild and many already taking on internal and external raids.

We’ve even had a Raider publish his journey to joining up in arms with Raid Guild as an apprentice, what’s more is that it captures perfectly what we’re working to facilitate and grow in the Guild: a culture of openness, accountability, and creativity aligned in the effort of slaying Moloch while providing our clients with the best products in the market.

If you would like to get a glimpse into what season 0 did to help onboard new Raiders, or if you’re interested in participating in the season 1 cohort, please don’t hesitate to drop into the Raid Guild Discord.

Shouts out to members @tae @damaged goods for leading the effort and Harry Martin for documenting his journey with the Guild!

Quick Overview of Guild Stats →

  • 86 Guild Members

  • 0 Rage Quit 🤘

  • 3 Guild Improvement Proposals (Formulating)

  • 16 Guild Improvement Raids (In Progress)

  • 16 Client Raids (In Progress)

  • wETH in: 72 — wxDAI in: 5,439

For those strapped on time, here’s a look at our recent Raids

Internal Raids (RIPs) — — ䷢In-Progress ䷢

💰 Hire Us 💰

Fellow members of the guild worked tirelessly over the past couple months to get the new and improved hire us form out. Now clients can seamlessly process their requests for Guild Hire through a slick and speedy form, where after clients submit the form, the Guild will provide a response to paid submissions within 48 hours.

💸 Escrow 💸 (For Guild Use)

Raid Guild is developing v2 escrow for clients to send funds to, and as work is completed, release funds to the Guild multisig.

⚔️ V2 features:

- Factory model, each invoice is its own contract

- Payment milestones can be variable in size

- Client can deposit by milestone, i.e. doesn’t have to pay full amount up front

- Clients can deposit more than total amount, e.g. for a tip or to handle an increase in scope

- Deposits can come from any address

- Tokens accidentally sent directly to invoice can be recovered

- Can set a custom arbitration provider

- Contract also has the capability to use arbitrable resolvers like Aragon Court and Kleros Court, should they ever materialize on xDAI

The Guild is creating a nuanced mechanism by which clients can ensure their payment to the Guild is secure and that there is recourse in the case the Guild does not meet the expectations of the client.

To facilitate this sort of structural benevolence, RG is working with LexDAO who will be an impartial arbiter responsible for resolving disputes between Guilders, checkout the LexDAO resolver here.

💸 Smart Invoice 💸

A novel invoicing tool enabling service providers and clients to facilitate payments in a semi-trustless and permissionless environment, leveraging the usage of milestones as well as arbitration to smooth over the process of hiring providers and getting work completed for clients. We will be launching Smart Invoice within very soon so keep your eyes peeled. 👀

𐂷 Skill Trees 𐂷

An internal tool that Raid Guild is building to enable attestation and certificate granting between RG members using NFTs, providing a mechanism for knowledge identification, preservation, coordination, and distribution.

🍠 Product Suite 🍠

Continuing on the theme of Raid Guild internal products, product-suite is aiming to combine all of the solutions that Raid Guild has built into one loaded suite. We will be sprinkling announcements about our progress on this in the coming State of the Raids, so watch out! 👀

🏘 ShillShop 🏘

The ShillShop is suffering from low uptake, if you’re a front end developer, designer, or you’re interested in marketing drop into our discord to begin chopping it up.

WTF is ShillShop?

Glad you asked :) — it’s your final destination for all your web3 marketing needs, such as: copywriting, strategy, social media, video, graphics, iconography, memes, or motion design? Hire one of our fellow Raiders for a project, or if you dare, steal them away with your charm 🍀.

𐃉Call to Action: Join Us or Forever Hold your Peace 𐃉

At Raid Guild, our steadfast commitment to shipping products to the web3 ecosystem on time has manifested in demand for our services outpacing our supply, so we are calling out to all interested parties to join us on our journey toward eudaemonia and overcoming the elusive but all powerful Moloch. Find your way into our #tavern, and start by telling us about your background, share something from this newsletter that you’re excited to learn more about and want to work on, weaving in how your skills could be applied towards it. This and you’re half way to slaying Moloch with the Guild defending your blind side.

Reflecting on Growth & Vision for Continuing Growth

We’re ecstatic at the pace Raid Guild is growing, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure that the quality of our product is maintained if not improved as we scale.

Up until before season 0, much of our engagement from newcomers prevailed through word of mouth, which was great because passion and talent would come in at random, ready to embark on slaying web3 product demons.

This culture of travelers, pioneers, and foragers meeting and greeting to accomplish work in the Metaverse is one that the Guild prides itself on, and it is one we want to preserve as we scale. If you have talent and more importantly passion to work in this type of environment, we encourage you to get involved as soon as you’re done reading this post.

Looking to earn some brownie points to level up to a full Member and earn your 100 shares? Share this newsletter on Twitter and drop a note in #shill — your sacrifice will be duly noted!

Until then, we’re grateful to be working in such a vibrant ecosystem and are constantly amazed by the amount of awesome projects brought to our attention.

Trust me when I say that we are just getting started and that there are many big things to come!

If you haven’t already, join the Discord and introduce yourself! We’re always keeping an eye out for hidden talent to spotlight.

Here’s a little nugget, watch out for next month’s newsletter for some zesty ALPHA!

Until next time,