⚔️ State of The Raid 🔥 May

An update on Raid Guild's progress in May.

Well well well…

Looks like you’ve stumbled across this month’s State of the Raid!

For those unaware, this monthly publication aims to give a quick glimpse into what we’ve been up to at Raid Guild - a decentralized web 3 collective of mercenaries slaying bounties as a rapidly growing DAO.

Before we dive into how we’re shaping the future of work, it’s important to recognize that Raid Guild categorizes our Raids in two buckets:

  • Internal - Raid Improvements Proposals (RIPs) and

  • External - Client Facing Raid

Given the proprietary nature of external raids, we like to honor our clients ability to publicize our work as they see fit. To that end, while we may tease some external Raids, just know there is plenty more happening under the surface which we’re all extremely excited about!

We’d also like to take this time to acknowledge the LAO - a for-profit investment DAO using Minion to challenge the notion of how non-accredited investors can participate in for-profit vehicles using “Baby DAOs” fueled by Moloch Minion (Created by Raid Guild). Check it out!


  • DAO BANK: 42.86ETH (+22.5%)

  • TOTAL GUILDERS: 52 (+67.7%)

  • TOTAL PROPOSALS: 74 (+80.5%)

For those limited on time, here’s a quick overview on our recent Raids:


  • Handbook Overhaul - Reworked the Handbook to provide a concise overview on all things Raid Guild

  • Apprentice Onboarding - Organizing and rethinking the apprentice program to make for easier onboarding for new applicants

  • Explainer Video - Creating a Raid Guild promo video highlighting what makes us unique!

  • ETH-Edu - Building out a framework for Ethereum education

  • Moloch Minion - Ongoing improvements to the way(s) Minions can be used to interact with smart contracts on behalf of DAOs!


  • Tellor - Shipped an updated dispute center and price feed to simplify and enhance usability and maintainability for the rising decentralized oracle project.

  • Araboard - Shipped a dashboard for Aragon related metrics, starting with on-chain data related to ANT

  • 1UP World - Shipped a Discord bot and helped with UX improvements to the website. Stay tuned for personal landing pages & scoreboards for other communities!

  • [Open Raid] Clr.fund - Working to build a sybil-resistant quadratic funding MVP. All Wizards, Paladins and Designers welcome!


As a community for distributed work, DAO Ops are as important as ever. To this end, we’ve put a lot of effort into optimizing the Raid Guild member flow through enhanced documentation, refined on-boarding and more gamification!

Starting out with a new and improved Handbook, anyone can visit this resource to learn more about all things Raid Guild - including the DAO’s inner workings, the purpose of different Discord channels, how-to’s and more!

Glimpse at the Handbook

Supplemented by an ongoing Raid to up the apprentice on-boarding process, we’re looking to automate the way people join and interact with the Guild, including Discord bots to enhance Raid starting procedures.

Lastly, we’d like to give a special shoutout to one of our apprentices - charingane - for their badass work on creating animated versions of the different Raid Guild roles!

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our ops. Think you’ve got a good idea on how to coordinate people from all around the world to work on building the technology of tomorrow? Let us know!

Our goal is to create a framework for anyone to start their own Guild - and we need your help to make that a reality!

If becoming an apprentice to Guild sounds like an adventure you wanna embark on jump into Discord and navigate to #🗣-apprentice-lobby or #🎪-apprentice-show-n-tell to showcase your skills!


Looking for insights on how to structure your DAO? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Starting at $100, you can hop on a call with members of the Raid Guild DAOshop where we’ll walk you through an introductory consultation on the viability, framework and logistics of launching your own DAO!

In case you haven’t heard, just DAOing it is the new cool thing!

Get key advice from those who have been deep in the DAO space since the beginning to help take your magical internet community to the next level!

Book a DAO consultation today!


So as anyone reading this probably knows, Raid Guild is built on the Moloch DAO framework. Moloch V2 to be exact.

However, what you may not know is that the creators behind Daohaus and Pokemol - the launchpad to easily create your own Moloch DAO - are the very summoners of Raid Guild!

In the spirit of innovation, Daohaus has been undergoing a series of weekly incubation workshops with MetaCartel to help iterate on the idea of an Initial DAO Offering (IDO) and a novel token ecosystem fueled by $HAUS.

In case you missed it, we recently shared a primer on this model to a select few power users. We’re constantly looking for feedback and if you’re reading this newsletter, well you are the exact target!

Now, while we won’t go too deep into the details here, please consider reading the primer and dropping feedback either directly on the document or in this Telegram channel.

As we continue to explore the future of magic internet communities, we need your help in discovering how to make them sustainable. Be on the lookout for more updates in the coming weeks!


Next on the docket is cross-DAO partnerships.

While we’re still in the early stages of ironing this out, we’ve been exploring different ways for other DAOs (like LexDAO)  to become members of Raid Guild and vice versa.

This also comes with the newly whitelisted personal tokens to the War Chest - leading the way for a diverse bank of next-gen assets that only us crypto-addicts would understand!

Think your DAO would benefit from Raid Guild signal and firepower? Please reach out!


In case you couldn't tell from the Guild Stats, Raid Guild is really starting to heat up. We’ve seen the biggest month-over-month influx of new members, client applications and apprentices joining to date.

While this is an incredible signal it also means that joining Raid Guild is becoming highly competitive. If you’ve made it this far, you’re certainly on your way.

Looking to earn some brownie points to level up to a full Member and earn your 10 shares keep? Share this newsletter on Twitter and drop a note in #shill - your sacrifice will be duly noted!

Until then, we’re blessed to be working in such a vibrant ecosystem and are constantly amazed by the amount of awesome projects brought to our attention.

Trust us when we say that we are just getting started and that there are many big things to come!

If you haven’t already, join the Discord and introduce yourself! We’re always keeping an eye out for hidden talent to spotlight.

See you next month!