The Raid in Review 2020

2020 was one hell of a year.

2020 was one hell of a year. 👺

For Raid Guild it has been full of experiments, wins, and failures.

We started off slow with just a few dedicated members, like a snowball on a hill the Guild has gradually grown into an avalanche.

We now have new members joining at a constant cadence and our momentum only continues to accelerate. We've hit on something here, digital guilds as a viable alternative for the future of work - and we're excited to see where this goes.

The History

Raid Guild was started by the three members of Odyssy Automation (a small dev team composed of early contributing members to MetaCartel), with a seed deposit into a DAOHaus DAO. As they took on open source projects they would recruit other OSS contributors into the Guild so they could continue relationships and team up on ‘Raids’ of other projects.

It was described as an infinite devcon.

Around ETH Denver 2020 they solidified the DAO with a ManifestoRoad MapHandbook - and then opened the doors to all web3 product developers in the space.

Staking 1 wETH into the DAO treasury would get a new pledge an interview and potential membership (with 10 non-transferable but ragequit-able shares of the DAO). The DAO is a Delaware registered LLC with the operating agreement deferring to the DAO contract code and each client Raid a series LLC off that DAO.

Animated TLDR:

The State of the Raid 

The Guild now has 80+ members and is growing fast. While the initial three members are still around, if they left tomorrow the Guild would not skip a beat (although they’d be sorely missed 😛).

A development that would facilitate this is the rise of the House Keepers, a representative from each “House” of the Guild. In the ongoing quest to slay Moloch, we recognize the importance of coordination within a flat organization. HUGE props to all our past and current Keepers, as we rely on them to undertake the tasks nobody else will do unprovoked.

We’ve had over 50 weekly meetings where we’ve kicked off internal projects, organized client Raids, and fleshed out operational procedures and processes for running a flat organization like this. And as we continue to grow in 2021, we encourage more internal proposals to strengthen the Guild.

One significant realization the Guild made early on was the importance of having a balanced roster, specifically with non technical roles. While we want the best designers and developers in the space, we also recognize the importance of project managers and client managers on our team.

As we expand, so will the need for more non technical roles such as writers, sales engineers, bizdev, marketing, community and treasury management, tokenomics, and more - we highly encourage you to come swing by our Tavern 🍻 on Discord to chat with us and get a taste of our culture.

The #tavern is where we like the first interaction to happen on our Discord server. We strive to encapsulate an atmosphere we feel comfortable in, whether that’s an exotic cantina in a faraway land, or just a dimly lit watering hole softly blasting Norwegian black metal - you never know who’s around, and where a #random or #bright-ideas conversation could lead (we even have a #wine-cellar 🍷 for cutting edge beta tasting 😛).

We only ask that you abide by the Golden Rule, and come with an open mind (and memes pls 🍍).

Come on by, tell us you came through from the State of the Raid - and may you be rewarded a thousand fold: click on the atomic age image to learn how to join

The Numbers 

  • Launched in early January 2020 -

  • 82 Guild Members

  • 9000 years of combined XP 🔝

  • 1 Rage Quit 🤘

  • 17 Guild Improvements Raids Completed

  • 20 Mercenary Raids Completed

  • 11 Client Raids Currently in Progress

  • wETH in: 107   wETH out: 43.52

  • DAI in: 12,792.84   DAI out: 4,690.00

  • Total funds distributed through external Raids: $200,000

  • Spoils to the DAO treasury : $20,000

Guild Spin Offs 

🔥_🔥 (pronounced Fire Eyes DAO)

🔥_🔥 is a governance collective formed out of Raid Guild that works with teams on tokenomics, community and release strategies. Formed with the desire to bring the community-first nature of DAOs to the multi-billion dollar DeFi projects of the world, 🔥_🔥 sits at the middle of the stack, giving teams guidance on how to engage and champion their most active contributors while designing mechanisms for value added actors to capture future upside.  🔥_🔥 is a living example of protocol politicians - or overly engaged community members - bringing context from the vast web3 landscape to give teams the insights they need to build a foundation for effective governance. This mercenary design allows 🔥_🔥 to be active on most governance forums with a strong commitment to building and stewarding curation-based economics in 2021.

🤯 ShillShop

ShillShop is Raid Guild’s marketing house. We recognize that blockchain projects have specific marketing demands. They need to explain complicated technical concepts to their user base in simple-to-understand terms. And because often they’re operating on the bleeding edge of tech, the language needed to do it hasn’t even been created yet.

With that in mind, ShillShop is cultivating a collection of skilled marketing Raiders who are experts in blockchain technology. They are ready and able to execute all different types of marketing Raids, including one-off projects like marketing site designs, funnel creation and user acquisition strategies, as well as ongoing campaigns like social media and community management, technical writing, and content marketing.

ShillShop is there to support and reinforce awesome projects so they can focus on building out - while we can help spread the good word to reach new audiences.

🏰 DAO Shop

DAOs, DAOs, DAOs - we ❤️ DAOs. We are a DAO and allies with all the major DAO platforms including Aragon, Colony, DAOstack, and Moloch. This gives us the widest view on the space without a bias towards any particular framework. As such, we are uniquely positioned to help you define your goals, design your DAO, and deploy it into the wild!

🏦 Raid Guild Escrow

One of the biggest challenges in freelancing is payment. Short term contracts don’t have the benefit of ongoing relationships to develop mutual trust between client and service provider, which creates a tension between clients needing to ensure that they get what they’re paying for and freelancers needing to ensure that they will get paid for that work.

One way to balance these needs is to structure payment half up front and half upon completion, and this is how most of our Raids were paid. But with web3 and smart contracts, we can do better. So we built our own escrow service that ensures that clients only pay if the Guild’s Raid Party delivers, and that Raiders get paid for their work.

In case of a dispute, the legal engineers at LexDAO handle the arbitration, distributing the disputed funds to the appropriate party based on the facts.

The Alpha 

With the large talent pool we have acquired and by having a culture of prioritizing shipping, the Guild is positioned to be a web3 force to be reckoned with. We pride ourselves on sleek design, clean code, and straightforward communication, no BS 🐂.

Today we announce our level up to the Atomic age of our Road Map.

We will now be focused not simply on client projects but also actively developing our own internal projects and establishing dev/founder partnerships. In early Q1 of 2021 we will be inviting DAO members, community members, and clients to a loot grab. Loot is similar to class B shares in the org, giving l00t holders exposure to our treasury and offchain signaling to the DAO. Stay tuned for more info.

The Thanks

It takes a community and we know we could not have accomplished anything close to what we have today without ours. Shout out to our clients, the ones willing to take a risk with something new like this. Our priority is to deliver value for you, and we credit our success by having delivered on every Raid.

Also big shout outs to the other service Guilds and projects that are pioneering the future of work alongside us. A rising tide, for the good of the Ethereum realm ⚔️.

@DAOhaus - Magic internet communities for all
@Lex_DAO - Legal engineering service Guild
@MetaGame - Real life role playing game to build the future

And of course @MetaCartel  🌶️ the grant giving DAO that showed the world that DAOs are not dead, they are stronger than ever and are in fact, the future. 2021, we ready for you!

And finally, shout out to our Guild members, d100 crit hit! 🎲

And we’re just getting started…